Venus III

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"Venus III" is a member of the series "Kybernetic objects". She responds to people who contact the metallic plate (copper). Their touches leave marks on the copper and the photo shows that "Venus III" has been touched several times.

The light reactions to the touch are not deterministic, one could speak of moods. Interesting enough she has a Bluetooth Interface by which her inner structure can be viewed and altered. Doen't that sound a little bit mean to alter someones mind? Oh wait, this is just a machine, or is it?

From Wikipedia: "Copper is a "planetary metal" and assigned to Venus. The astronomical symbol of the planet Venus is considered a stylized representation of the hand mirror of the eponymous Roman goddess of love Venus."

My object covers several topics:

  • The copper plate in the upper area is mirror-like and the contact can produce deep red and white light. The visitor can see him-/herself better the brighter the light shines.
  • The reaction of "Venus III" depends on the software. Her character is not fixed, but can be varied by the artist. The status of the "hardware" as a common basis of sculptures is changed in favor of a working software inside. On can say that the software is the soul of the body.
  • The physical interaction of the viewer leaves traces over time on the originally high-gloss and pure metal surface. It is a rare situation that a piece of art is allowed to be toughed by visitors.
  • Due to the light inside, the metal plate is slightly warmed, it is less cold than its surroundings and feels comfortable.